Trinity Library


The Trinity University Library was established at the same time with the parent Institution as one of the Services Department. The Library is a hybrid in nature as reflected in its collections. It provides accommodation for more than one hundred and fifty (150) readers with comfortable environment in terms of good shelving arrangement, equipped with standard furniture for staff and students. Also, it has provision for adequate support for the continuous growth of academic programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The primary objective of the Library is to provide adequate resources that would support the mission and vision of the parent Institution, hence the Library is equipped with materials that are relevant and suitable for meeting the academic needs of both students and staff of the University.


The following offices, Sections, Areas/Units have been created in the Library:

 This Section of the library is headed by the University Librarian, who serves as both Administrative and Professional head with the ultimate responsibility of efficiently running, coordinating and preparing reports on the development of the Library. Also there are secretarial staff to be coordinated from this section as well as overseeing the supervisory unit. Other sections/units in the library are headed by other professional staff who in turn report to the University Librarian.

This section is headed by a professional staff. It has an office and workroom for other para-professional staff; and it is responsible for acquiring materials for the library.

The Section is headed by a professional staff. It has an office and workroom for processing all books, journals and monographs acquired for the University. The Library materials are catalogued using Library of Congress Classification Scheme and thereafter, books are transferred to the shelves for use by library patrons.

This Section is responsible for general readers’ need including the registration of the library patrons. All enquiries raised by the users on title or location of books or any other material needed are handled by the staff in this section. Members of the staff in this section include both professional Librarian and para-professional ones who man the circulation desk and help users to locate and retrieve needed materials. Also, the Serial Collections are placed under the supervision of the Librarian in this section.

This Section of the library is equipped with media resources such as television, DVD, CD, etc. The creation is with the intention of having a space for users who may want to get information through electronic materials and watch foreign seminars and laboratory experiments. It is created very close to the E-Learning Unit for close monitoring.

University ELibrary Section

This Section of the Library is headed by a professional Librarian with knowledge in Information Technology. The Library would subscribe to some varieties of electronic databases that would help students and staff in their academic pursuit.