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First Matriculation Lecture Delivered by Dr. Suleiman Ramon-Yusuf DVM; M.Sc.; MBA; PhD; PCOE Second Matriculation Lecture Delivered by Dr. Noel […]

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By the turn of the 1990s, the status of the education sector in our country displayed worrying signals of decay in terms of quality of curriculum and content, competences and character. For us parents, who were educated a few decades earlier when education was significantly in the hands of missionaries, the differences and decline were simply alarming. Some of us gathered one evening after a church service and heard of a case of immorality in a particular school. Our lamentation went on for a while when one of us asked whether all the lamentation would solve the issue or whether we would still not send our children to same schools following day. So, ‘why don’t we see what we could practically do about it?’

We resolved to do exactly that: to set up a school of our dream, ‘for our own children’, modelled along the world class education system we had once received in this same country. An education which would truly impart knowledge, mould character and supply a solid academic and ethical foundation for youths. The result, two years later in 1995, was the founding of Trinity International College, operating, for the first three years, at GRA, Ikeja , Lagos, Nigeria and, by 1998, moved to her own permanent site on 83 acres of land at Ofada , Ogun State in the outskirts of Lagos. We have also set up a leading Primary School, Trinity Foundation School, at Ofada, since 1996.

Trinity International College steadily grew in profile and became one of the most-loved brands in the sector: we record consistently excellent results and receive prizes both in local and international examinations. We repeatedly represent Nigeria in the Science Olympiads, while our students also stand out in character. They have also travelled to different countries for further studies, done exploits and inspired different foreign institutions to write back to commend our College. Today, by the grace and to the glory of God, our alumni constitute a remarkable gallery of credible, enterprising, competent and achieving young men and ladies in different parts of the world.

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