Chemistry Periodicals

Chemistry periodicals

Some open access journals and other periodicals are compiled on this page by the University Library.

For journal suggestion and other information on Chemistry resources, please contact the Systems Librarian.


Applied Sciences

African Journal of Chemical Education

International Journal of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Journal of Chemistry

Chemical Methodologies

Nigerian Journal of Chemical Research

Iranian Journal of Catalysis

Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society

Journal of Saudi Chemical Society

Journal of Tropical Pharmacy and Chemistry



Perspectives in Medicinal Chemistry


Hungarian Journal of Industry and Chemistry

Cogent Chemistry

Communications in Inorganic Synthesis

Journal of Nanostructure in Chemistry

Journal of Cheminformatics

Applied Biological Chemistry

International Nano Letters

Indonesian Journal of Chemistry

Journal of the Turkish Chemical Society, Section A: Chemistry

BMC Chemistry

Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews

Chemical Science

Frontiers in Chemistry

Open Chemistry

Arabian Journal of Chemistry